About Me

I was born in Pune, and raised in Ujjain, a small town in central India. The serenity and simplicity of the place would win any one's heart. These are the two places where I would love to be any day. After having worked in Noida, a suburb to New Delhi, for almost 6 years I have manged to come back to Pune.

I love food, and love cooking. I love to travel, though have not been able to wander much. Quite often I support free and open softwares, and evaluate the free softwares available on the net. Lately I have started using Ubuntu on my home laptop which I use to net surfing, blogging and trying out Java and .NET code snippets.

I am simple at heart, and am very close to my family. I have a few friends, but they are very close friends. My support pillar and source of my inspiration is my wife. I see my blogs as a medium to express myself in a variety of ways and on different subjects (ranging for food, travel, religion, politics, current issues, technology, free and open software). And as such, many of my blog posts might not make sense to many people.