Saturday, September 21, 2013

Resume: Functional vs Experience

I have quite a dilemma when it comes to writing a perfect resume for myself, I have never been able to decide whether I should keep it functional, or work experience centric or a mixture of both.

This website does come in handy while writing a nifty resume for oneself, but I have doubts over the fundamental level of detail that should go inside the resume.

Let us do a quick pros and cons assessment

Functional Resume
Focuses on skills and areas of expertise
Talks about breadth and depth of your domain knowledge
More suited for a professional who is positioning oneself as a Subject Matter Expert in some subject
Doesn't do any good if one is trying to change field of expertise, or is at the cross roads of career

Work experience Resume
Focuses on the kind of work one has executed in the past
Talks about projects handled, teams worked in demonstrates capability
More suited for a broad skilled professional looking for a wider range of opportunities
Can come in handy if one is trying to leverage the latest work experience even if short into a full blown career choice

Although the above is just a subjective assessment rather than an objective pros and cons assessment, but well that is my view point. Seems it would do "me" good to have a resume that has 70% experience and 30% functional detail.

What mix would you chose ?

Care to share any resume templates with me ?