Monday, December 26, 2011

The future is here

Gone were the days when sci films would sell a far fetched horror played out in some distant future. I remember movies in the 90s would have the year 2050 as their favorite, when all hell would break loose. But now we had a sci-fi doomsday film released just a couple of years back, scripting the tragedy to happen in 2012. Funny and spooky at same time. 2012 is just a stone's throw away. The future is here.

We have already witnessed so much amazing stuff already. Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phone the lines have blurred. Operating Systems are pervasive. Gadgets are omnipresent. What possible surprise could 2012 have in store for us. I am  a gadget lover, these questions amaze and excite me, in a manner similar to how girls get excited at the prospect of window shopping. 

"Gadgets", reminds me that I have purchased a new laptop in December, which I may not be able to use until February. I wonder if it would have become junk and obsolete by the time I finally get to lay my hands around it :-)

We have had Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. What next. I feel social networking needs to up its game. At the same time, I recently started to coach my mom on how to use  a PC. And I was amazed that the very HTML5 and AJAX features which I and you love to have in a web application like email, social networking sites, are a pain for the elderly. The fancy navigation shortcuts in the Operating System baffle them. They just want simple computing that does the job. I think its time every major web application out "there" starts doling out a "senior citizen" friendly interface, in the same manner it offers a mobile interface. 

What will your new year resolution be ? I am still not decided :-)