Saturday, May 21, 2011

One needs to kill time too

Adjusting to a new job and a new city is never easy. The woes increased for me with the sudden burst in work load coupled with frantic weekends spent on searching for property. So it was like 5 days of work and 2 days of labor for us since the last two to three months. It went ahead to be so taxing on time, that I also found it way too hard to connect with friends or even surf Facebook for that matter.

So when work eased a little, and we finally selected a property, it was time to take a break. And not a big break I am talking about here. No weekend trip to some holiday destination. No shopping. No eating out. I am talking about being lazy. Pure and Simple. 

Believe me, no matter what we have brought up to believe in, killing time every once in a while is very necessary. It is heavenly to simply lie on the couch, doing nothing, thinking about nothing, just flipping channels on the TV. Killing time is also an art. One needs to set the mood, slow down the pace. Change the ambiance. After killing time you should feel relaxed and recharged, not guilty. So I suggest plan and finish all those important activities you might have lined up. The utilization percentage of your brain should be absolutely zero when you are killing time. Else you are messed up thinking what needs to be done next.

Here is what I suggest one could do. 
  • Set the ambiance. Plant heavy curtains in your rooms. Cut away the Sun. Reverse holds true for those Sun and Breeze lovers. Open up all your doors and windows.
  • Switch on the AC or the cooler, get the temperature of your house to drop by a few degrees.
  • Get something soothing to drink. Mango shake sounds perfect for the Indian summer.
  • Get your favorite collection of DVDs. Enjoy the shake while you watch the classics you love.
  • Don't even try to take control of the TV. Leave it to the wife. You don't want any trouble while you relax.
  • Make sure you indulge in the afternoon nap. Its a must.
  • Try not to do anything specific. Do whatever you like. Just don't stress your brains.

A day like this, and you will be ready to take on the World again. All charged up !!