Saturday, October 9, 2010

College Life

This Saturday (today, if I am not too late) I happened to be present at HCL's Career Development Centre. Actually they host Prometric tests, and my wife happened to have enrolled for an exam. So I had driven her to this place. While she was in the "room" taking the test, I was left with one good hour in the lobby with nothing to do. The place is almost like a college, since many final year kids and/or fresh graduates undertake some or the other IT course here to "jump start" their career. And the place was teaming with many of them. Apparently (or so it seemed) many of them were still not out of the mindset of not being in a college since I could overhear a lot of conversation from a noisy group. There were talks of bunking the class from dushera to diwali, excitement over a cancelled class for a faculty no show, and discontent on the grading given on the tests taken the previous week. It all sounded like pure bliss to me. Schooling was so much fun. 

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