Saturday, August 7, 2010

Switched to

Finally tried my hands at something I have been trying so long. Getting a custom domain name, and moving my blogs and email on to this new address.
Migrating from wordpress was the worst thing I had to ever do (I had ditched blogger in the past for a account). But blogger's solution combined with google apps is by far the cheapest combination I could find on web for getting a custom domain with privacy protection, and making it work with a blogging website and email application.
I would like to thank the application developers of the website for this made the transition from wordpress to blogger quite easy. I could at least retain all my text, comments, posts and pages. The only loss is of the wordpress images, which are no longer accessible as I deleted my wordpress blog. But there's always a learning curve with something new that you try :-) I still have all those images on my hard disk, and may as well go an edit the 100 odd posts to make the images work anew.
The next challenge is to switch to my new email id (still haven't finalized what it shall be). I am giving second thoughts so as to why should I be doing it, and would there be any advantages in doing it.
After I sort all this out, I am going to try my hands at web hosting (not using a free web host Thanks to Hot UK Deals, I was able to locate the reference of this free web host. With limited bandwidth, and 3-5 free MYSQL databases and no ads, this looks to be quite a package for a hands-on at hosting.
The bottomline, has been moved to

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