Sunday, July 11, 2010

I love my bad luck

Did you ever commit a blunder, and liked it later on. Did missing something ever gave you the ultimate satisfaction? In my case I felt the same today. The feeling of stupidity, foolishness, and happiness all at the same time.

Months ago, I had planned trip to Ujjain to attend a friend's wedding. I had booked return tickets by train (supposedly Intercity Exp, which runs daily at 6:00 PM from Ujjain) for Sunday July 11, 2010. However it turns out I had mistakenly booked the tickets not on Intercity express, but on Indore-Dehradun (which runs once in a week on Sunday at 5:00 PM).

So there I was, at the train station, with bags in hand, and confident of boarding the train at 6:00 PM. Only to be taken aback when my wife read the contents on the ticket. "Indore-Dehardun, Boarding Ujjain 5:00 PM". It was a rude rude shock, for I pride myself to be very systematic and organized. And I had missed the train by good one hour.

Only god knows, how I managed this blunder. Nevertheless, we went through the drill. Haggled with the TC for any seat on the Intercity, failed and then rushed back home to check tickets on any of the trains running through the night. Finally settled for a plane ticket for the next day.

But as I said, I loved this bad luck. For there were plenty of nice things that I could do, since I had missed my train:

  • shared my meal packed for train with my childhood friend Rochak.

  • Enjoyed another night at home, with my parents.

  • Gonna watch the world cup football finals. Yoohooooo!

  • Will get treated to a feast tomorrow by mom.

As its said, all's well that ends well :-)