Saturday, December 5, 2009

Overlooking common sense

I have been staying in Sector 51, Noida for the past four and a half years. There is a square adjacent to our society where roads from sector 50, 51, and the bypass meet. It was an unregulated square. With no police presence, no traffic lights, and no road dividers. Still I never saw any congestion whatsoever, given the low intensity of traffic.

However recently Noida Development Authority decided to revamp this square, into a round about, and things have been going haywire ever since. Road dividers have come up (that too without any warning signs, or flashy paint), a large cemented round about has been constructed. All this at the expense of not only tax payers money, but also precious road area. The sheer size of this construction is so big, that it has eaten into the width of the road.

Now traffic snarls are a common sight at this round about, as converging lanes try to form a single queue.

My only question is, who decides how should round abouts be optimally managed. It is good that development work is being done, but it should not be done overlooking common sense and logic.

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