Sunday, December 6, 2009


I recently learnt about CIBIL, the first credit information agency of India. Curious as I was, I am in process of applying for my CIBIL report. Only because, I have had a couple of loans and credit cards in my name, I wanted to make sure everything is perfect on my credit score. I was surprised at the minimalistic level of media coverage for this empowering tool for all borrowers and lenders alike; although this being the premier credit information agency of India for consumers.

I will be applying for my CIBIL report in second week of December 09 hopefully, and shall share my findings with you. The application procedure, format, and response time from CIBIL.

Here are some resources I found useful:

1) The CIBIL website

2) CIBIL wiki article

On a more curious note, how much you knew about CIBIL before reading this?

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Update: January 15, 2010

CIBIL was quick in processing my application and generated my report on 6-01-2010. I received it in another 6 days. Hence a total turnaround time of less than 30 calendar days. Pretty impressive. The report was exhaustive, and I was amazed that each and every credit I have/had was listed out. All information was crystal clear and easy to understand. There were some factual errors, which I was able to resolve easily with help of CIBIL and concerned credit grantors. As they say, information is empowering.

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