Sunday, November 29, 2009

रविवार का आलस

मुझे रविवार मैं सबसे बढ़िया बात ये लगाती हैं की सुबह उठने की कोई जल्दी नहीं होती. आराम से उठो, आराम से दो कप चाय पियो, आराम से नाश्ता करो, और दोपहर मैं फिर सो जाओ.
शाम को थोडा बहुत घूम लो, बाज़ार से खरीददारी कर आओ, हो गया रविवार ख़तम.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Street food

Today me and wifey decided to go easy on our spending, today being the last week end of the month, and salary due only on Monday.

So here we were. On road and looking for some cheaper options to fill our tummies. First we had to shop for some groceries, so we headed to Shoprix mall, Sec 61, Noida. I like the place because it is devoid of rush, thanks to other more flashy, prosperous and brand conscious malls in Noida. Having done the needful (shopping for grocery that is), we headed back to our car.

And near the car park, was our first "cheap street food" vendor. A vendor selling boiled eggs. With onser of winter, eating boiled eggs laced in salt pepper is quite a treat. Though I was a little sad, he was not selling any omlette or half fry. Nevertheless, we went straight to Sec 34 market. The place is bustling with activity, and has many treats to offer.

There are momo stalls, kabab stalls, egg/omletter vendors (though I was in no mood of eating eggs again), and a "Chaat" stall. This particular chaat stall has been doing busines since atleast 5 years, as I have always frequented this place ever since I came to Noida. One thing I like about it, is the use of disposable plates and spoons.

Hungry that we were, we stuffed ourselves with "karari aloo tikki" and gol gappe. Two plates aloo tikki and one plate gol gappe, all for 40 bucks. Add the 10 bucks spent on the two eggs that we had, we rounded up our saturday outing dinner at a measly 50. Neat !!

Winters make this one thing I like all the more pleasurable: food :-)


Friday, November 27, 2009

Google Wave, the new kid in town

So wave is like an actual wave (as in energy in physics). A wave never dies or so google claims. A wave will not be trashed unless all people added on to it trash it. Even then it will remain on a physical tape backup from google servers. First google came up with unlimited storage for email account, now this. How long before we can expect google to start charging us for storage that we consume. Has anyone ever though how much CO2 is produced by sending an email, uploading a photo on picasa, or by creating a wave?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Copyright, err or Left is it?

Not that my blog posts are out of the box, bright ideas with the potential to have drastic effects on the course of human history, but out of sheer self respect for what ever miniscule amount of creativity I might have, I have decided to mark my territory. That is , I have now decided to copyright (or copyleft) my work [barring the images and/or work I reproduce from elsewhere, if allowed by the contributor that is] under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

Following notice has been updated on the "Copyright" page for this blog. And shall sometimes appear under an occassional blog post/page just as a reminder/assertion of the same.

Creative Commons License
The Dark Book by Siddharth Fadnis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

Any views? Should I rename my "Copyright" page "Copyleft" instead?