Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kudos to small shop owners. Boo on Mall culture.

In this jet age when people are supposed to gain benefits of Internet shopping, and reap ample rewards from discounts available on-line, one shop still beats them all and the shops in glittering malls.  Let me explain how.

I was in dire need of a printer cartridge for my inkjet printer. It was way too costly in malls in Noida and I had no time or money to make a trip to Delhi's Nehru place to find one at the cheapest price. I searched ebay and still price quoted there was MRP plus the courier charges, making it cost even more than the prices in Noida.

I was perplexed why would people buy something online, if they are not getting it at the right price, and if they could get it cheaper locally.

Then I decided to give it a try. My brother was supposed to come to Noida the next day from Ujjain. I asked him to find the price of the cartridge in Ujjain, which is a small town and comparatively in a remote location, giving you the impression that things like computer supplies might be costlier there. But to my utter surprise, the price quoted was lesser than I enquired anywhere else.

And the icing on the cake was: The cartridge was not available in Ujjain. However my brother informed the store keeper, that he needed to travel in the evening, and hence needed the cartridge before that. The storekeeper, setting an ultimate example of customer service, promised to get the cartridge ordered from next town, and to deliver at the railway station right at my brother's seat, before the train's departure.  And he kept his promise, indeed! All this at a price less than internet's best price.

In future I am always going to get a quote from Ujjain shops first, for all things that I can get from there.


  1. You should have come to the Hasthshilp mela.. Awesome house decoration stuff at minimal prices! Almost 1/4 of what it is sold for elsewhere...

  2. hmmm by the way I heard, the hastshilp mela caught fire, and the kartik mela got washed out in rains. and the swimming pool chaat stalls have now flourished into a full chaupati. I just can't wait to lay my hands on some garadu, benjo and panipuri.

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