Monday, March 30, 2009

Farewell to Orkutting

I had been thinking about this since a long time now. I joined Facebook almost a year ago, and since then my friends on Facebook has grown from a handful to over a hundred now. And almost all my friends had joined Facebook sooner or later.

Being on two social networking sites, meant double the effort of checking people's status updates, photos, and comments. So I finally decided on quitting Orkut and being just on Facebook for the while.

The reason which triggered quitting Orkut, was not superior functionality from Facebook, but rather was the the most stupidest action of my life, that is, to integrate my Orkut and Gtalk friends list. It was just a click, and tens of people who I barely knew (but some how were still added as friends on Orkut) could ping me and chat with me on Gtalk while I was on line.

I have been forced to stay invisible on Gtalk for so many months now. So I decided, it was time to give myself some privacy.

Facebook is a bit sluggish than Orkut, and has less users than Orkut has (at least among the circle I live), but still scores for me.

And here I am. Just facebooking. Orkutting no more.