Sunday, December 14, 2008

Making some changes

I had always heard that change is the way of life. But I never realized it could happen to me and that too this fast. As I had to come to UK for work, applying for VISA, and doing all the packing hardly gave me any time for blogging. I had so much to tell, so much to write, yet so less time.
Alas, but after coming to UK, I had to face even more situations, 12 months contract for internet connection, application for visa extension, opening a bank account, getting the debit card to work, struggling to rent a decent place. So I ended up, without being wired for almost a month.
But in this month, I sorted everything out. Applied for the visa extension (hope it is approved), rented a decent place, got my debit card working, and got a mobile broadband connection that was available without a contract. God! I hate contracts. The irony of life is, that I have come to UK on a years contract to be served back in India.
I also got the house setup. Lugged in all the groceries, necessities, scanned the Indian store and dumped loads of rice, wheat, pulses, and Indian spices at home, so that I don't have to worry about the coming 6 months.
Speaking of where we started from. CHANGE. The biggest change is, I am managing the house all by myself. This includes, cooking, washing, doing the dishes, and vacuuming. I wonder, why, with all that work, I am still not putting off any weight. H'm, I think, blame the fruit juices, and eggs I am having in bulk !!
Another big change I have had is a smart close crop to my hair. Reason, for one, it is smart, and for two, it saves money!
On saturday, I was feeling very hungry, and so decided to treat myself with something nice. So I browsed through some websites. Downloaded a few chicken recipes, changed them to suit whatever ingredients I had, and came up with this. Lemon Saffron Chicken. Believe me it was awsome. In next post I shall detail the process. So keep reading.

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