Monday, September 8, 2008

Gauri Ganapati

Today is marked by the 'Visarjan' (when idols of worship are submerged in the waters) of 'Gauri-Ganapati' (Goddess Gauri, and God Ganesha), as the last day of week long 'Ganeshotsav' (festival to worship God Ganesha). Yesterday was when all families who did a 'sthapna' (setting up of idols of worship) of 'Gauri-Ganapati' at their homes, did a pooja and invited brahmin couples over for the pooja and lunch thereafter. We too were invited over by our relatives (my aunt and uncle) in Delhi, albeit for dinner and not lunch. They (my aunt's family) have been following the 'Ganeshotsav' for more than some 50 years now, and are expert at the smallest of detail, when it comes to the decoration of 'Gauri-Ganapati' and the 'sthapana'. After offering my prayers to the deities I just could not refrain myself from taking a snapshot of the beautiful setup. My aunt had taken great care of dressing the 'Gauri(s)' called the 'Jyeshtha' (elder sister) in a Silk Saree, and the 'Kanishta' (younger sister) in a Cotton Saree.

Have a look (from right to left, 'Jyeshtha', 'Ganesha' and 'Kanishtha'):

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