Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Beaked Visitor

It had rained a lot the whole night, and was coupled with a strong wind that just fell a bit short of being called a storm. As such, Saturday morning was very cool, opposed to the hot September mornings we had become used to. I prepared a nice hot cup of Masala Tea, and was was tattering away at my laptop's keyboard, while sipping it. Just then, it happened. Power failure. So much for the lovely morning.

Hot that it was not, I finished my tea, read the newspaper, and strolled towards my balcony, only to find that there was a lot of ruckus going on in the neighborhood. And to just let you know, my neighborhood is a lots of pigeons. Hundreds and thousands of them.

And the reason behind this was a nasty visit from a flock of beaked eagles. Aditya you can perhaps help me pin these birds to their exact name (One of my readers tells me that they are black kites, but googling on the subject has broadened my choices to four species: black kite, indian spotted eagle, greater spotted eagle and lesser spotted eagle). In the meanwhile, I shall continue the story. While all the eagles were busy in action, two of them were lazily perched on the building roof opposite to my balcony. Seemed as if they had their full. Poor neighbors.

I immediately grabbed my pristine Olympus FE-15 auto focus digicam and started taking a few shots. The results were not quite good, as the distance was very large, and my digicam has just a tiny 3X zoom. So I brought my Bushnell binocular, manually adjusted its focus and placed the digicam behind the binocular to get some zoomed in shots. And I must admit that the shots weer pretty neat and had a modest detail. Have a look!!

The two of them captured without the binocular:

All shots focused on the right birdie zoomed in with help of my binocular:


  1. am just wondering if this is a kite or an eagle.

  2. I think it is the black kite.You can check out google images for more details.
    And that was indeed a great idea .. using the binoculars!Clicking birds can be real tricky ..I have been trying to click a kite in flight for ages .. no luck yet. I think the pics are great.

  3. Sharmila is right. This is the Black Kite. Aditya tells me it is also known as the Pariah Kite.