Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love holidays

This year has been especially good, in terms of holidays at least. Coming up is August 15 which is on a Friday, so I am taking an additional leave on August 14 and taking a vacation to Sailana along with me and my wife's parents, and her offcourse. So I get to spend 4 days of quality time with family.

And what more, even Dusera holiday is on a Friday. And Diwali holidays are declared on Monday and Tuesday. So I will take a loooooong vacation from October 25 to November 2, making the most of Diwali.

Speaking of Sailana, it was my mom's idea. I do not know much about it, yet. But I want to find out. Let me see if I can come up with some interesting facts about the same. To my surprise, even the wiki page on Sailana does not have enough details [Sailana Wiki Link]. So I think I can add some worthwhile content to this blog and to wiki as well. Lucky me!


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