Tuesday, August 12, 2008

After effects...

I had a great weekend. The fun on the run was simply awesome. But driving around the whole day, and partying late has its after effects. I got a bad headache that turned a little feverish. Since a trip to my home town and thereon to Sailana was on the cards, I did not risk my health, and decided to take a cozy break from office. I stayed put at my home.

And God is so great. It drizzled while I enjoyed TV and tea, and the weather cooled down a lot. I hurriedly grabbed my ancient digital camera, and quickly shot a few snaps to share with my wife, who was away, packed in an office cubicle with air conditioner, far way from the delights of a rainy weather. Though I too enjoyed it from within my balcony, shielded from the minuscule droplets of rain, but it was far better than being in office, packed in a cubicle, tattering away on the keyboard.

This was a welcome break from my monotonous office routine. I did not sleep though. I blogged, ate, drank masala tea spiced with ginger, and just relaxed while it drizzled outside. And all this while a cool breeze swept through my apartment, adding to the overall experience.

I recommend a day off to all, when you simply do NOTHING.

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